Advisers to the Project

Bill Bradbury
Oregon Secretary of State

Sam Reed
Washington Secretary of State

James K. Galbraith, University of Texas Lloyd M. Bentsen Jr. Chair in Government/Business Relations

Fred Rolando
Executive Vice President, National Association of Letter Carriers

James Bernard

Malia Lazu
Director, Racial Justice Campain Fund
Progressive Majority

Steve Druckenmiller
County Clerk, Linn County, Oregon 1986-present

Phil Keisling
Oregon Secretary of State 1991-1999





About us

The Vote By Mail Project (501c3) and the Vote By Mail Advocacy Project (501c4) provide an institutional home for education and advocacy around the entire continuum of Vote By Mail options.  Those options include permanent no-excuse absentee registration, county-option vote by mail, and statewide vote by mail.

We believe that fair, efficient, and highly participatory elections make our democracy stronger, and we are committed to assisting citizens and public officials nationwide to move their states along the continuum towards fair, efficient Vote By Mail elections.